Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Partially furnished

It has been a super duper long silence. Was busy attending to daily house chores that I ended up neglecting this space for quite some time. Much has happened and the one most significant occasion that occured during this preiod of silence was moving to my own place. The house is not 100% furnished, I would say only 85% furnished. 

Living room, dining area, kitchen, laundry area, and master bedroom is 100% settled in terms of basic neccesities. The bedroom on the ground floor has only a side table and stand lamp in the room. The other 2 bedrooms upstairs are also empty except one of the rooms is already furnished with a queen bed. Then, there's a tv in the family hall upstairs which has never been switched on due to the small number of occupants.

As for now, we would have to wait a bit to completely furnish the house due to the fact that we have spent a bomb. So the rest which are not that quite essential, shall wait.

this is the space where I dreamt of inventing new recipes for the family

dining area

dining area still empty, no flowers to flourish the area yet.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Property Investment

Buying a house is an easy process. Look for an affordable house that is strategically located, submit housing loan, sign Sales & Purchase Agreement and in just no time, the house is yours.
However, we shall never overlook at the 'hidden' charges/cost i.e. water& electricity deposit and of course FURNISHING the house. 
My husband and I are in the process of furnishing our house. We got the house key in April and as of today, June 6th, we have yet to move in.
The whole process is just tiring and could cause a headache when you think of the $$$..But it can get fun at times, especially when you get to have what you have always wanted. Earlier during lunch hour, we made a purchase for the kitchen area.
source : google
After searching high and low for the best (read: suits our budget) built in oven which fits in perfectly underneath the work top, we have finally decided to settle with Tuscani built in oven Zen-86D. I just hope it functions well.

Cooking Function7
Capacity (Litres)56 Litres
ColorStainless Steel
Control TypeElectronic Control And Digital Clock
Child LockAuto Safety Switch Off
Safety DoorDouble Glazed Door
TimerYes, Automatic Cut Off Timer
Connection Rating15Amp
Product DimensionW594 x D566 x H594mm
Product OriginItaly

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Be patient.that's obviously easier said than done. 

I know it is not,never and will not be easy in this quest of 'mencari rezeki halal'. The journey has been rough throughout these 4 freaking years. And I know things will not change much in the future. 

I'm in despair,and there is not a single sign of hope at this very moment. 

All that's needed is to gather the shattered pieces and resume as though nothing has happened. Redha as what the call it.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tuna Quiche

mini quiche = patience

It was challenging to make the mini quiche! It takes a lot of patience, time and attention to get those mini done. And I'm thankful that the outcome is superbly heaven

Friday, 14 September 2012

Gig the Science Kid

solivite and weetameal for breakfast

He shows some signs of wanting to be independent in the sense that he would want to do things e.g. hold the cutlery on his own when he eats, bath on his own, eat on his own, and would refuse all sorts of assistance. I believe such period of 'independence' is normal for kids at his age. 

His vocab (both English and Malay) is slowly building up. At the mean time, we are trying to teach him to memorize alphabets (as of now,he could only memorize up to alphabet B) and numbers. I personally believe his education process through the tablet has shown some success and will definitely continue with this methodology.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday blues

Looking forward to this weekend family-get-together (minus my bro's family) here in Peninsular. ..weeee...can't wait to see Raiyan (and his dad too) this Thursday..He's growing up fast and his current addiction is watching Sid The Science Kid on his galaxy tab. Was told that he is so into Sid that he would dance along with Sid..can't wait to witness that..
However, the fact that it'll take 4 days to reach Friday, and 4 more days to be in the office, makes me hate Monday so much..
So much to do yet so little time to accomplished all that needs to be done.
On top of that, the sometime-irritating-unnecessary nag from a colleague adds up to the accumulated pain and agony of having to bear with Monday.
It is during this time that I wish my dear state government to please give me the much needed reply. I'm not born to wait.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend Project



It was a normal boring Sunday and I decided to bake snow almond cookies. This is my first trial and it turned out well despite the messy aftermath.