Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Partially furnished

It has been a super duper long silence. Was busy attending to daily house chores that I ended up neglecting this space for quite some time. Much has happened and the one most significant occasion that occured during this preiod of silence was moving to my own place. The house is not 100% furnished, I would say only 85% furnished. 

Living room, dining area, kitchen, laundry area, and master bedroom is 100% settled in terms of basic neccesities. The bedroom on the ground floor has only a side table and stand lamp in the room. The other 2 bedrooms upstairs are also empty except one of the rooms is already furnished with a queen bed. Then, there's a tv in the family hall upstairs which has never been switched on due to the small number of occupants.

As for now, we would have to wait a bit to completely furnish the house due to the fact that we have spent a bomb. So the rest which are not that quite essential, shall wait.

this is the space where I dreamt of inventing new recipes for the family

dining area

dining area still empty, no flowers to flourish the area yet.


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